In 2012, we created RUNFEST Ltd. and created the inaugural Richmond RUNFEST with the aim to bring the best of Southwest London together to embrace fitness, charity, tourism and local business.




Jade Parker


Jade is the only member of the team not from a running background. She graduated from drama school and spent 4 years on a theatre tour of USA, Europe and Ireland. On returning to London her runner housemate, encouraged her to run. This being of no cost to do seemed appealing for a penniless actor and she soon fell in love with the sport. Jade worked at the London Marathon during 2012, which lead to her joining RUNFEST in its inaugural year. Surprisingly, this did not send her running for the hills, instead she gave up her acting career to become the Assistant Race Director and full-time member of the RUNFEST team. 

Tom Bedford


Tom has had running in his blood since the age of 12. He boasts not only the family marathon record (2.19.30) but also the high jump (1m79). Tom has worked at pretty much every single mass participation running event in the world and helped mentor a British 800m runner to a European Junior Championship gold. On Saturday afternoons he tries to play football at a good standard but fails miserably! He set up RUNFEST in 2012 whilst inspired by the greatest Olympics.