We created a special trip to take London to the ‘Home of Champions’. In fact we did not just come up with the name, we helped spread the name throughout Kenya. A London Marathon funded campaign included fixing the now world famous Iten, arch. A welcome wall at Eldoret airport and also the picture of every single Kenyan London Marathon winner!


International Events

We have consulted at various events around the world about charity programs and online marketing opportunities. Events include Tokyo Marathon and the world’s largest running event, Sydney’s ‘City to Surf’.

American events

Between the team we have worked or been involved in almost every major running event.  We have worked closely with ‘Competitor Group’ on the 'Rock 'N' Roll" series covering over 30 events across north America. Other notable events include: New York, Chicago and Marine Corps Marathons, Boulder Bolder 10k, Peachtree Classic, and USA Track & Field Trials.